Join Our Growth Collective on Slack

We've connected with hundreds of communities in the past few months, and nearly all of them have one thing in common. Workforce challenges are everywhere. It's our mission to help you solve these challenges, and so we're excited to bring together economic development and chamber professionals in a brand new online community to share issues, ideas, and wins. More topics include higher education, housing, transportation, community engagement, and whatever else comes up. The community will be shaped by you.

Why Slack?

Slack is different than a Facebook or LinkedIn group. Slack is a cleaner way to organize discussions around the specific topics you care about, rather than one giant stream of conversations. Slack is also a nice way to help keep your personal and professional life neatly separated. More about Slack:


Request Access:

Our Growth Collective community is scheduled to be opened on or around March 6th. Get access below.